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Did you know that your non-verbal communication is as important as what you say in a job interview? More importantly, the impression you make with your body language is entirely subconscious so the interviewer may not know what or what you did it, but they still may find themselves having a negative reaction. Before your next interview, consider these mistakes that could negatively affect your prospects for a new job offer.

Do you avoid eye contact?

When you don’t look into someone’s eyes when you speak with them it conveys either dishonesty or complete lack of comfort. Make sure that you are making appropriate eye contact while you speak with someone. However, this can be tricky because too much eye contact can be off-putting as well.

Are you not smiling?

Sure, you’re nervous. Everyone’s nervous in an interview. This can keep you from smiling naturally, but try to break through that feeling. Smiling will help you engage with the person across from you. Try to be natural about it. Talk about positive things, which can help you smile without forcing it.

Do you slouch?

Sitting up straight is not just a thing your mom or your elementary school teachers told you. Your posture conveys a lot about your personality and when you slouch it will impact the way you communicate with the other person. Sit up straight and it will project confidence.

Do you fidget?

Do you find yourself touching your hair or face a lot. Or maybe you’re wringing your hands or shaking your leg. These minor fidgets don’t seem like a big deal, but they will be noticed. All of them communicate nervousness and can be distracting to the person who wants to speak with you.

Did you practice your handshake?

Finally, before you go to your interview, practice your handshake with a friend or family member. You want to have a firm, solid handshake. You want to try to avoid limp and cold. When you practice, you can make sure that you’re conveying your professionalism and positivity to the interviewer.

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