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Staffing augmentation may be one of the most undervalued services available to businesses. Why? Because adding short-term staff to help with specific projects, seasonal work, or other needs will be a better solution than a full-time hiring push. Staff augmentation will make your business more flexible. Let’s take a closer look at the reasons you may want to consider this solution for your business.

  1. Lower employment costs.

    Hiring permanent employees has a high cost associated with the process. Not only are you paying salary and benefits, you’re paying for the advertising and taking time out of your work to interview candidates. By working with an agency to help you with augmented staff, they handle all of those processes for the cost of their services.

  2. Adaptable employees.

    When someone comes on board as a short-term employee, they are aware of their temporary status and are used to similar assignments. They will be adaptable to your needs and available to help out as needed. You can work with your agency to help you find exactly the right combination of augmented staff for your business.

  3. Ability to retain or let go.

    The flexibility for your company to hire staff when needed and not need to go through emotional layoffs is also invaluable. Your temporary staff understands the short-term nature of their jobs and will understand when the assignment is complete. You can also elect to offer a longer-term assignment if it works for you both.

  4. Build relationships with gig workers.

    You’ll build relationships with gig workers who may be able to come back to your company the next time you have a similar need. This provides you with consistency and the flexibility of augmented staff and temporary work. Working with the same vendor will help you maintain these relationships for the future.

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