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The core function of a staffing agency is to make placements with client companies. These can be on a temporary, temp to hire, or permanent basis. But other than a gut feeling of who might be a match for which office environment, how else can you determine you’re making the right placement? The science of the staffing industry is becoming an important topic of conversation and with the advent of Big Data throughout all industries, using this information has become easier than ever. How can you use data to make better placements?

  • Candidate and client pipelines. Determining new candidate and client strategies used to take up the bulk of time for recruiters and account managers. But data can help make business forecasting much easier. By looking at your data, you can determine where revenue is coming from and where you might expect it in the future. You can see the types of candidates as well as the clients who bring in the most money for your company. You will also be able to see the gaps you need to fill.
  • Productivity of recruiters. An age old question for the staffing industry is what are recruiters doing with their time? Are they productive the entire time they are in the office or are there breaks in their performance? With data, you can see how many new candidates individual recruiters bring into the business. You can see how many placements they make. This data can help improve overall performance and build motivation if used correctly.
  • The ROI of typical activities in the industry. Of course, one of the most important aspects of running any business is the return on investment. Data that can determine what money output is bringing in the most return will be very helpful for further growth. You can learn the types of assignments that lead to more revenue. Using analytic tools can help you drill down to increase profits.
  • Communicating with candidates. The way we communicate with one another is changing drastically. Many people are more comfortable using texting or social media than they are on the phone. This is good for data collection. It can also help you stay in touch with your top candidates so you don’t miss out on placing these high-quality performers. You can use data to drive marketing-like campaigns to keep people engaged.

How do you use data in your agency?


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