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With all the changes we faced through the course of 2020, it’s normal to question exactly how the pandemic is going to affect the workplace moving forward. We expect there to some impact on the workforce in 2021, so what will the candidate landscape look like? Do we expect continued remote working, or will employers be bringing people back into the office over the next months? Let’s take a closer look at how COVI-19 may have permanently impacted the workforce.  

Workers Will Expect More 

Employees returning to the office after remote work arrangements are going to expect a lot more from your company. They want accountability, safety programs, and a more results-oriented workplace. They need to feel comfortable and healthy, but they also want career satisfaction and demonstrate they can do their job without feeling micromanaged.  

Remote Working Will Continue 

For many businesses, remote work will have to continue. But now, you have an opportunity to put policies in place that will enhance your employee’s virtual experience. Take time to determine the processes, improve access to company resources and tools that will help your employees stay productive and engaged while still working from home.  

Increased Commitment to Diversity 

It was made very clear in the past several years that representation is critical to the success of individual employees and your company as a whole. Throughout 2021, a commitment to true diversity hiring and continuing programs to support diverse employees will be essential.  

Focus on Mental Health and Wellbeing 

We also saw that, despite the resiliency of the human spirit, 2020 was a hard year and put our optimism to the test. Workplace stress has always been an issue, but we’re just starting to determine some of the ways stress reduction falls on the shoulders of employers rather than individuals. Create programs that support mental health and keep your employees engaged.  

Embrace More Technology Solutions 

Before March of 2020, Zoom was not a household name. Necessity is the mother of invention and several other productivity tools became available or were significantly improved upon through the course of our very unconventional year. Giving your employees access to the best tools available will increase their ability to perform efficiently.  

Are you ready for workplace trends this year?  

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