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What trends are experts predicting and expecting in the new year? And, more importantly, how can you be certain your workplace is keeping up with the evolving culture of employment? To maintain a place where employees are eager to work, you have a thriving customer base and satisfaction is high, there may be a few trends worth considering. As you kick off 2018, here are some of the predicted workplace trends for the year.

  • Less tech, more human.

    That isn’t to say technology is going away. In fact, the opposite is very true. However, many companies understand the importance of human interaction, so face-to-face communications will be held to the highest standards. Encourage your team to talk to one another directly, even if that means through collaborative technology such as Slack or video conferencing.

  • Alternative education opportunities.

    Universities are feeling the pull away from traditional education. With a variety of free offerings online from schools as established as MIT, many workers are opting to take these classes to enhance their skills rather than enroll for a two- or four-year degree. As an employer, you will only benefit if you encourage this activity.

  • Invest in your current team.

    The best way to ensure your current star employees remain your future star employees is to increase your retention programs. If you invest in your current team, make them feel valued and welcome, you will create a culture where top employees want to stay on board. Talk to them about their goals and determine the best way to budget for this growth and development.

  • Increase attention to mental wellness.

    Job-related stress has a huge social impact that many employers are starting to recognize. This level of stress can cause a multitude of physical problems as well, such as stroke or heart disease. Work/life balance has been a rallying cry for many employees, but it’s essential employers are on board and allow their teams to focus on their mental well-being by offering flexibility and tools to help cope.

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