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Retention might be the most important thing for companies today. Knowing how to hold on to top talent, engage them, and avoid major turnover is more important than ever in the wake of The Great Resignation. But how do you keep your current team excited about your company and the work they’re doing? Here are a few ideas you can implement today to keep your employees happy.

Here are the Best Ways to Retain Top Talent

Provide Competitive Salaries

Step one for any retention plan is to ensure that you pay a competitive salary for your employees. Money is one of the biggest drivers for talent leaving one company for another. Research the salary expectations in your area and be sure that you are matching or exceeding what your competitors can pay. Otherwise, you risk losing key performers.

Encourage Holistic Well-Being

Today’s employers also need to recognize that employees are not just cogs in a machine but whole human beings with rich lives. It’s more than just work/life balance; it is an understanding that your employees’ physical health, mental wellbeing, and personal lives are as important as their work experience. Providing access to resources for stress and anxiety reduction can encourage more engagement.

Be More Flexible

During the pandemic, companies had to shift to remote work very quickly. Even for organizations where remote work wasn’t on the radar, they learned that employees were just as productive while working from home. As companies are looking to reintegrate office life back into work, embracing flexibility is crucial. Providing remote or hybrid work or flex hours will help engage your team. If you don’t offer it, someone else will.

Recognize Their Work

Lack of appreciation is also a key ingredient to employee dissatisfaction. Creating a culture of gratitude can go a long way to giving your employees a sense of appreciation for their work. You’ll also notice that gratitude is contagious when you thank your team regularly. And don’t be afraid to provide big gestures to employees who do fantastic work.

Offer a Path to Career Advancement

The 2022 employee is also looking for some specific career advancement as they progress. They don’t want to feel stuck in a rut in their career, and if you’re not able to provide long-term development, they will find an employer who is. From the very start, let employees know how you focus on internal promotions and upskilling and give a path to advancement by hitting appropriate milestones.

Is retention a big concern for your organization?

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