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This New Year will bring countless opportunities to tap into top talent on your team. But how do you source candidates who will be a good fit, meet your expectations, and accomplish your goals? This year, keep in mind some of the top strategies for recruiting new talent. Here are some things to consider when making your hiring plan.

What are 3 Recruiting Strategies to Help Find New Talent?

Develop Your Employer Brand

Your employer brand is one of the best tools at your disposal. Especially as a staffing agency, you touch many people, from candidates to clients, and you want everyone to know that you’re a great team. Evaluate why someone would like to work with you, how you support your employees on assignments, and how your team would recommend you to others looking for employment. Then leverage that reputation to create your employer brand.

Be sure to update your company website, about page, and all social media platforms for consistent branding and messaging.

Use an Applicant Tracking System

Most companies use an ATS, but are you reaching its full potential? An ATS can automate many administrative processes associated with sourcing and hiring candidates, saving your recruitment professionals a lot of time. These AI-assisted systems use technology to create pathways for candidates and search functions to help you find the talent you need when you need it.

There are multiple ATS options, so research what’s available and the price that works for you. Choose a system that can be white-labeled, so you maintain your branding throughout the process.

Update Your Online Application

According to SHRM, online applications have a 92% abandonment rate. That seems like an astounding statistic, but it’s real. Many online applications are bloated and require repetitive steps. Some aren’t mobile-friendly, leading to applicants abandoning the process without completing the steps. Some companies say that systems like this weed out unqualified applicants, but they also lose out on qualified talent.

The best tip is to go through your online application process to see where the hurdles are and then work on making it more streamlined.

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