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Are managed service providers the future of staffing? Many organizations are utilizing MSPs to enhance their productivity and efficiency, so why shouldn’t your agency embrace them to stay competitive? An MSP can help your staffing agency grow, and it’s easy to see how. Here are some ways an MSP can move you in the right direction.

How Can an MSP Help Grow Your Staffing Agency?

Manage Revenue

Did you know that over $100 billion of revenue is managed through MSP programs? That means if you tap into a small corner of that market share, you could see a significant increase in revenue for your staffing agency. While you always want to build your reputation as a strong staffing provider, there is nothing wrong with following the money to ensure you’re in the best position to grow.

Manage by Numbers

It’s also crucial that you know how much work goes into every fill you make. Sure, you can track all that on your own, but why reinvent the wheel every month when systems are in place to help you with analytics? Working with an MSP tracks every recruitment metric you can use to improve your processes.


MSPs also help you create pipelines for specialization. That doesn’t mean what industry you staff in, though that can be a part of it. But it means that working on every aspect of recruitment, from sourcing candidates to managing clients, can slow down the system. MSPs will break down each role into manageable tasks so you can determine how to delegate processes.

Utilizing Technology

There is a universal truth in business. Companies that don’t embrace technology are likely to be left behind. As your clients become increasingly more technologically savvy, they expect their service providers to be as well. An MSP can give you the tools you need to leverage technology and recruit and place candidates more efficiently.

What do you want to know about working with an MSP?

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