Top Recruiting Tactics as You Race for Top Talent in 2022

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The workforce marketplace has been evolving rapidly since the beginning of the pandemic in early 2020. Companies had to shift quickly to make necessary adjustments for health and safety. In 2021, things shifted again, leading to The Great Resignation, and organizations needed to create different plans for recruitment. So what are new recruiting tactics your staffing agency can use in 2022? Here are how things are changing when it comes to finding top talent.

Top Recruiting Tactics in 2022

Remote Recruitment

It was a trend already beginning to show promise, but the pandemic put it front and center. Remote recruitment, or the use of phone and video interviewing for candidates not located in your area, will continue to be a significant factor for staffing providers moving forward. As many companies continue with remote work arrangements or hybrid in some cases, we’ve entered a national if not global candidate marketplace. Recruiters need to tap into talent outside of their location.

Improved Candidate Experience

The candidate’s experience is more important than ever. With the effects of The Great Resignation, professionals transitioning jobs or into a new career focus more on the process. If the hiring experience isn’t positive, they are less likely to accept the role. Communicate clearly at every step of the way.

AI for Prescreening

There was a time in staffing when recruiters spent so much of their time completing administrative work that it was overwhelming their ability to source and place top talent. But that has changed in recent years as technology evolves. Artificial intelligence software comes in many forms, including tools that help recruiters prescreen potential candidates and make the entire process faster and more focused.

Reach Out to Generation Z

While recruitment should always focus on hiring the best-qualified candidates available for any position, generation Z is entering the market and opening new talent avenues. The oldest of GenZ is graduating from school and university and entering the job market for the first time, so it will pay to create recruiting processes that attract them for open positions.

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