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What is the biggest hiring problem this year? The answer is two-fold, and they go hand in hand. Most jobs require an unnecessary amount of experience, and companies take too long to make a hiring decision. To solve these issues, companies need to make significant changes in how they seek talent and complete the hiring process. Let’s take a closer look.

What Is the Biggest Hiring Problem Right Now?

Overly Excessive Experience

Job seekers are quickly disenchanted when they realize that no one can live up to the expectations of employers. Excessive experience requirements can be challenging, and companies believe they’re doing the right thing by ruling out unqualified people. But this has become comical in some cases. A hilarious tweet from 2020 showcased the problem best when the creator of a specific software said he couldn’t apply to a job requiring 4+ years’ experience, which was impossible since he only developed the software a year earlier. Make sure your expectations are realistic.

The Bias of Requirements

Some requirements have innate biases, such as specific education requirements or years of experience. Except for jobs requiring higher education, like lawyers or doctors, more companies are willing to look at transferable skills or reduce the dependence on college degrees to determine candidates. With so many qualified people coming out of The Great Resignation, companies should be more open to looking at other aspects of experience.

Waiting for the Perfect Candidate

Sometimes hiring managers have an “I’ll know it when I see it” attitude, which can be detrimental to filling the job. When you are waiting for the perfect candidate who checks every box, you’re eliminating outstanding candidates from the job. If you wait to fill the position until you find that one person, you may never see the job filled. When you finally go back to your top candidates, they have likely moved on to other opportunities. Perfection is an illusion, so hire for potential instead.

Average Time to Fill a Job

The current average time to hire is 41 days. It’s also important to acknowledge that your candidates’ time is as valuable as yours. Streamline the interview process, so candidates don’t have to disrupt their lives over three or four interviews. Decide within a reasonable timeframe and let all candidates know the outcome, not just your new hire.

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