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A good relationship between candidates and recruiters can make all the difference in someone’s job search. The candidate’s experience and the success of job placements can depend entirely on how someone feels throughout the process. When recruiters take the time to get to know candidates deeper, it allows them to advise better and place individuals in suitable roles. And candidates with a good recruiter relationship are less likely to ghost or perform poorly. Here are the best practices for building a recruiter relationship with job seekers.

Tips for a Better Recruiter Relationship

Identify Your Employment Brand

Branding is a combination of your company’s recognition and reputation. An employer brand is about how you interact with candidates throughout the process. As a company dedicated entirely to sourcing job seekers and matching them with open positions, you must make your employer brand as user-friendly and accessible as possible.

Develop a Pipeline

Every recruiter knows they are only as good as their available candidates. The process involves developing a pipeline for your typical client profile. The more people you talk with, the more potential connections you can make, so work on ways to source and identify talent in your area.

Communicate Regularly

One of the biggest complaints from candidates is a lack of communication between recruiters and hiring managers. They feel like they submit their resume into a black hole. This experience only leads to more ghosting as candidates begin to feel frustrated with the experience. To avoid this and ensure job seeker satisfaction with the process, find ways to make communication efficient and effective.

Work with Integrity

Always do your job with honesty and integrity. As a recruiter, the best tool you have in your pocket is your reputation. You want to be the kind of person job seekers trust to help them in every stage of their careers. Getting to know your candidates better will also give you additional insight into what might be a good fit for them and the clients you’re working with.

Be a Connector

A great lesson to learn as a staffing professional is that your job is to be a connector. From matching clients to candidates or networking, your superpower is making these connections happen. Whenever you’re talking with a new person, think of the people you might be able to introduce them to and how those relationships can benefit everyone.

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