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Since 2020 catapulted businesses into the remote work arena, we have been asking ourselves, “are remote workers more productive.” Some people refuse to believe that’s true, but statistics demonstrate that work-from-home is just as effective, if not more, than working from an office. So how are remote workers more productive, and should you consider offering more work-from-home opportunities?

Top Reasons for Higher Productivity While Working Remote

More Productive Hours

Studies on remote workers find they have more productive hours than their in-office counterparts. They can accomplish more work in the same amount of time without the distractions or social interactions of the workplace. Companies also benefit from their lack of commute as they may start the day earlier and end it later.

Better Work/Life Balance

Remote workers are also experiencing a better work/life balance. They can set boundaries about start and end times and no longer have the commute home to transition their day from work to personal life. It’s become the best of both worlds as it increases effectiveness for the company and better balance for the employees.

Reduce Workplace Stress

Working from home can reduce workplace stress as well. Countless news articles reinforce that employees of color prefer remote work since they no longer feel pressured to fit in or face microaggressions in the office. Work-from-home also reduces challenges for all employees, such as micromanagement, office distractions, and workplace politics.

Productivity Hacks

Of course, there are certainly challenges to working from home. Remote workers need to ensure that they have a distraction-free environment and don’t waste time on non-work related tasks while on the clock. Some productivity hacks include:

  • Take regular breaks to avoid burnout
  • Set timers for individual tasks
  • Follow a schedule
  • Create a dedicated workspace

Employers should facilitate this process as much as possible by providing the right tools and technology and establishing work boundaries.

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