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The job description is sometimes the only thing standing between you and attracting top talent. There are ways to create job descriptions that will speak directly to the modern job seeker and give them insight into your agency and the job. So how can you make a job description more appealing? Here are some ideas to get you started.

How to Make a Job Description More Appealing?

Use the Right Job Title

For many years, there was a trend to make job titles exciting rather than descriptive. Recruiters tried flashy titles like “Administrative Rockstar” or “C++ Programming Guru.” But these titles, which are eye-catching, don’t describe what the job requires. Instead, you should focus on the most common job titles for each position. These are the titles that most companies use, and job seekers will find recognizable. So, for example, use Administrative Support Manager or C++ Software Engineer in place of the flashier titles.

Write a Short but Engaging Introduction

Much like a resume that might include a summary or accomplishments section at the top of the page, you can include a similar introduction in your job description. For a staffing agency, you can have information about the types of positions you staff for and any specializations. It should include details about your company culture and why someone would want to apply with you.

Avoid Extreme Language

Along with words like Rockstar and Guru, you should avoid extreme and especially biased language in your job descriptions. Some words like “aggressive” or “strong” have a more masculine connotation. You can replace them with words like proven or solid that are more gender-inclusive. You should also avoid superlatives in your description. Language like expert, world-class, and more can drive candidates away from applying with your organization.

Focus on Growth and Development

One thing many new candidates are looking for is a company where they can grow and develop. They will want to know what your internal promotion policy is and how you invest in your employees. This can be more difficult as a staffing agency since your role is to place professionals with great companies. However, you can provide details about how you work with businesses in your area and the success of past candidates.

Provide Benefits of Working with Your Agency

Since many job seekers don’t know the advantages of working with a staffing agency, it’s okay to include your benefits in the job description. There are many myths and misconceptions about what agencies do, so be candid in your job postings. Talk about the categories of work, such as contingent or direct hire. Talk about flexibility and access to your extended network.

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