Why a Vendor on Premise (VOP) is a Solution Agencies Should Implement

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Managing a large contingent workforce can take time, energy, and money. Other essential aspects of business can fall through the cracks; if the client switches gears, staffing becomes neglected. But there is a way staffing agencies can help. Offering a Vendor on Premise or VOP can help your clients focus and manage their workforce appropriately. What is a VOP, and why should staffing agencies use them? Let’s take a closer look.

Why Should Agencies Implement a Vendor on Premise?

What is a VOP

A vendor on-premise is a pretty simple concept. It’s when your staffing partner will have a full-time staff member housed in your organization. Your representative will be responsible for all aspects of employment, from sourcing to onboarding and managing, for their contingent workforce. This removes that responsibility, increasing your ability to handle other vital tasks.

Controlled HR Costs

By having a representative in-house, you’re controlling your HR costs. The agency will handle all hiring and onboarding processes and payroll and administrative issues. While you will pay a fee to the staffing agency, your costs will be fixed for their services.


Ramping up a project might be one of the most concerning challenges. When you stop other projects to hire a contingent workforce, you lose out on the productivity you’ve worked so hard to cultivate. But scaling up the workforce will now be the responsibility of your VOP, allowing you to focus on the big picture.


Workforce safety is a significant concern for many organizations. With a VOP, all safety processes are handled through their service. They are responsible for providing safety training in coordination with your policies and will take any emergencies.

Efficient Hiring

Your VOP will also be responsible for all hiring processes, including replacements when someone leaves the workforce and reducing downtime. A VOP will have a constant pool of candidates who’re always refreshing and will be able to hire and replace people quickly to avoid missing pieces.

Enhance Productivity

Your VOP will also act as an onsite manager to ensure that your temporary workforce is on task. They also become the point of contact for workers and can help resolve issues quickly and effectively. They’ll make daily rounds and track metrics to ensure everyone works efficiently.

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