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Job descriptions provide the first impression of your company for potential candidates. Just like their resume is the first impression of applicants, they will learn a lot from the job description before they even decide to apply. So why is it essential to keep your job descriptions up to date even when you’re not hiring? Here are some of the reasons you want to review your job descriptions.

What Is the Importance Of Having Updated Job Descriptions?

Nothing Falls Through the Cracks

Sometimes, duties are added to an existing employee’s job without going back and redefining their role. When this happens, down the line, it becomes difficult to remember everything that’s changed. Much like a resume, it’s a good idea to update descriptions as jobs change, so things don’t fall through the cracks.

Provide Additional Skills Training

Every job has room for improvement and advancement. By updating job descriptions regularly, you can also determine where there is room for growth. You can provide additional skills training to your current team member and plan for future employees in this role.

Ensure Legal Compliance

Some roles have particular responsibilities and needs. When that’s the case, there could be challenges with compliance. For example, some jobs require licensing or certifications, and if that information isn’t in the job description, it may fall through the cracks during the hiring process and become an issue.

Don’t Have to Reinvent the Wheel

The most compelling reason to regularly update job descriptions is to avoid having to rewrite them every time a new position becomes available. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel; build on what you currently have and expand when necessary. The next time to are ready to hire for that position, review what you currently have and only update what’s necessary.

Are you ready to write great job descriptions?

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