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Over the last three years, our workplace environment has changed significantly. With the pandemic fast-tracking remote work arrangements and the Great Resignation shaking up organizations, the workplace may never be the same again. Today, we’re facing a job seekers market. At the same time, some companies are laying off workers. There will be continued uncertainty, which means you must work hard to maintain your agency’s productivity. One way to start is by reevaluating job requirements during your hiring process. Here is what you need to know.

Why Should You Reevaluate Your Job Requirements?

Creating a Job Description

Step one is to determine your job description. This includes a persona of the individual perceived as the best fit for the role. Begin with the requirements to meet the basic needs of the job. Then review the soft skills of the most successful people within your organization. This becomes the basis for your online job postings and evaluation of candidates.

Must Haves vs. Nice-To-Haves

Many companies weigh “nice to have” skills as heavily as “must have” skills creating a near-impossible candidate profile. Some skills will be necessary for the role; however, you should also keep transferable skills in mind when reviewing candidates. While a candidate with all the required skills and nice-to-have skills may reach the top of your list, you can’t evaluate all potential candidates who don’t have the nice-to-have skills as less qualified.

Reducing Background Requirements

A big trend today is to look closely at the background requirements for each job. Do you currently require a certain level of education for your roles? Does this exclude perfectly qualified candidates with the potential to succeed only based on their ability to pay for and attend university? Take a closer look at the background requirements and determine if years of experience or education are as important in the final evaluation.

Making Applications Easier

According to a SHRM study, 92% of job seekers abandon online applications without completing them. Among the problems are not providing mobile-friendly applications or requiring the candidate to upload a resume and complete fields of the same information. It’s recommended that recruiters and hiring managers complete their online applications to see where the stopping points might be.

How can you improve your job requirements?

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