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Diversity, equity, and inclusion are significant conversations in the workplace today. Hiring diverse employees increases your team’s efficacy and provides better services to your community. The more diversity of thought your company encourages, the more innovation you’ll see in the work. Equity means everyone has an equal and balanced opportunity, and inclusion allows every employee to have a seat at the table and a voice. But what does this all mean at your company? Here is why DEI is vital to your success.  

What is Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion mean and Why Does It Matter?


Diversity is, in general, the baseline. It is the idea that having more people with different backgrounds benefits your organization. It’s ensuring that your corporate culture isn’t homogenous. Diversity is a simple step to ensure that you have many people with many mindsets as a part of your team.  


Equity means that everyone within your organization receives fair treatment, access to resources, and the ability to grow their careers without barriers. Some experts talk about this in terms of the broken rung. If some people are provided access to development while others are consistently overlooked, that’s a barrier to equity.  


Inclusion allows everyone to have a seat at the table, a voice, and power within the organization. Decisions shouldn’t be made in a vacuum, and leaders from all backgrounds should be able to provide valuable insight into the organization’s company culture, employees, and goals.  


Some experts add belonging to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion discussions. Belonging refers to the employee experience and how everyone feels about their place in the organization. Everyone should feel that their input is of value and that they are respected and appreciated.  

Next Steps 

The first step is understanding diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging. More importantly, your company incorporates these concepts into your corporate culture. DEI is essential for an efficient and effective workplace with employees representing the greater community you serve. What can your company do to ensure that all voices are being heard?  

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