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Hiring is a science and an art. Today, many companies are experiencing the phenomenon known as ghosting. This isn’t as paranormal as it sounds: it’s when someone stops all contact. The term was first used in the dating scene when one person wouldn’t text or call back the other, but it’s become a common phrase for any similar situation. It can be very frustrating when you expect to make an offer to a candidate, and they never contact you back. So how do you prevent candidate ghosting in the future?

How Can You Reduce Candidate Ghosting?

Reduce the Number of Interviews

It’s not uncommon for companies to rely on multiple interviews to narrow down their candidate pool. Job seekers meet with HR or a recruiter before meeting the hiring manager, the team, the C-Suite, and sometimes more. While you may believe these meetings are crucial to getting to know someone, they only create a significant time suck for the interviewee. They can become frustrated with four, six, or eight interviews and call off their search. If you can streamline your process and reduce these extra steps, fewer candidates will drop out of the process.

Don’t Take Too Long to Decide

Part of the reason candidates ghost companies is that they feel a lack of communication from your side. If you’re not giving them regular updates but taking a while to decide, they’ll likely drop out of the running without communicating why. Filling positions efficiently should be your goal, and you can keep qualified candidates engaged in the hiring process.

Ensure You Have a Healthy and Positive Company Culture

Company culture is becoming one of the most critical considerations for accepting a job offer. If job seekers don’t feel like they’ll fit in with the company or enjoy the environment, they tend to bounce from consideration. But it’s important to know why so you can work on improving your company culture to attract top talent. Keeping up with communication will help you find out these finer points and avoid ghosting.

Know When to Back Off

Sometimes, being ghosted has nothing to do with your company at all. While we would love for all professional candidates to be open and honest, some will fall off the radar as they accept other positions or change their job-seeking process. You can’t control their lack of response, but being more transparent will avoid major issues in the future.

Do you want to reduce your chance of being ghosted by candidates?

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