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There isn’t a magic bullet when finding talent, but staffing agencies have built expertise and a network that allows them to tap into resources that can benefit employers. So how are recruiters and agencies finding their candidates? Here are the different ways companies who provide workforce placement are sourcing talent.

How Do Staffing Agencies Find Clients?

Their Internal ATS

An applicant tracking system is software designed to store and search candidate profiles and resumes. Often the first step for a staffing provider is to search the ATS with keywords that match the essential requirements of the job description. Many potential candidates within an ATS have been previously screened and some have even performed jobs for the agency. It’s the best first step resource in the process.

Networking Opportunities

A recruiter’s job is, essentially, to network. Staffing agencies have extensive networks through community involvement and a current roster of employees. Reaching out to networks will help them source additional talent from more resources to screen and present for matching jobs.


LinkedIn is the premier online professional networking site. Recruiters can use LinkedIn to find candidates at all levels, including passive candidates. Passive candidates are professionals who may not be looking for a new job but would consider moving for the right opportunity. LinkedIn can also give recruiters an insight into a candidate’s background by reviewing recommendations and previous employer information.

Online Job Boards

Online job boards are not gone, but they have evolved over the last twenty years. Monster and Career Builder used to reign supreme. They are both still on the market, but today Indeed is at the top of the hill with Zip Recruiter close behind. A recruiter will know how to work with the job boards to find talent effectively.


Staffing agencies will typically have referral programs in place for their current roster of employees. When a qualified applicant is referred and is hired by a client company, the referrer is eligible for a bonus. It’s a great way to source talent and encourages individuals only to refer the best possible candidates.

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