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We know it’s a tough market. There are more jobs than job seekers across North America, and many organizations struggle to find and hire top talent before they land another job. What can you do to get more candidates to apply and give yourself a fighting chance at hiring the best? Here are some tools, resources, and strategies that can help you attract more applicants.

What Are The Best Ways to Get More Candidates to Apply?

Review Your Salary

We are in an era of an employment revolution. Candidates are no longer willing to apply for jobs without knowing the exact salary range. They want to see if it matches or exceeds what they earned in previous positions, or they won’t submit their information for consideration. Review your salary offering, make sure it’s competitive in your industry and area, and include the range in your job postings.

Make the Application Easy to Use

According to the Society for HR Management, 90% of people who begin online applications don’t complete them. Often this is because the application process is too complicated. For example, some systems require a candidate to upload their resume but then complete several forms that provide the same information. Streamlining your application process will result in more qualified candidates.

Promote Your Jobs on Social Media

The world communicates through social media today. That means you have to be where your ideal candidates already are. By posting and promoting your open jobs on social media, you’ll reach more people who will be qualified and interested in your opportunities. Choose platforms that match your company culture to attract people who will be an excellent fit for your organization.

Boost Employee Referrals

Good people refer good people. One way to get more qualified candidates is to tap into your current workforce. Satisfied employees will be more than happy to refer people they know to work with your company. Providing a reward for anyone hired will be a great motivator for making these referrals.

Hire a Contingent Workforce

You don’t have to do it all alone. If you need more talent to fill roles, even short-term, working with a staffing partner can give you access to qualified employees. Your partner will handle the entire hiring process and provide you only with the best candidates. They can work on a temporary basis, or you can consider hiring top performers directly.

Are you looking for more quality candidates for your open jobs?

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