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Working with temporary employees can be a great way to ramp up production in your business, but how do you maintain productivity levels by introducing new team members on a short-term basis? A contingent workforce should be a resource that makes your job easier, not more difficult. Here are some strategies for maintaining deadlines and goals for your contingent workforce.

Keeping Productivity Up with Contingent Workers

Develop The Scope of Work

Your employees have a level of autonomy in your workplace where they will take generally take the initiative when their core work is complete. However, your contingent workforce isn’t familiar with your company culture or the additional work, so that they may face idle time. Establishing a scope of work that lays out “if this, then that” will help your contingent workforce better manage their time on assignment.

Determine a Single Point of Contact

A challenge for many contingent workers is determining who to take direction from while on assignment. Too many cooks can make this experience challenging if you’re unclear about who they should report. By establishing a single point of contact, you can create a clean and direct environment when assigning work and expecting regular communication from your team.

Ensure Communication Effectiveness

It’s also vital to close communication gaps with your contingent workforce. They need to be in the loop regarding things directly impacting their performance and productivity. Excluding short-term workers from internal communications is understandable, but if things fall through the cracks, it could become a significant problem. Ensuring they get the direction they need when needed will be critical to the project’s success.

Maintain Long Term Relationships

While it’s easy to think of your temporary workers as cogs in the machine, it’s essential to maintain a long-term relationship with their staffing provider. When you are ready to staff for the next project, tapping into the team that was there before can help you work more efficiently as they have familiarity with your processes and scope of work. It will take less time to get them up to speed. It’s also possible that your contingent workforce can be a source of talent for internal positions if someone is an outstanding performer.

Work with a Managed Services Provider

Managing a contingent workforce is a lot of work, but you don’t have to do it alone. Working with a managed service provider can allow you to work on other aspects of your business while trusting that your project is in good hands. This partner can work with onboarding and getting your contingent team up to speed. They will also be your point of contact and ensure proper communication.

Let Anserteam be your Managed Service Provider

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