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The summertime blues are a real thing. Your team wants to be anywhere but the workplace when the weather is gorgeous and the days are long. The hot summer can slow us down and keep us from doing our best work. Did you know that providing flexibility in the summer can improve employee satisfaction and engagement? Here are some practical tips you can use to help your employees achieve a work-life balance during the summer.

Make Work-Life Balance a Summer Priority

Flexible Schedules

If your environment allows for it, consider flexible scheduling in the summertime. You can offer your employees to come in a little later, leave a little earlier to align with their family’s summer schedules or avoid traffic at the worst times of the day. Summer schedules shake up already established plans for many families, so be sensitive to this.

Remote Work

For companies set up for work-from-home arrangements, make use of it in the summer. For hybrid companies, let employees work from home more days a week. Make work results-oriented so employees can use their most productive hours to complete their work accurately and efficiently.

Paid Time Off

Encourage your team to use their PTO during the summer. They can pair PTO days with holidays to create long weekends. Encourage going on vacation. This time away from the office will allow them to recharge and be more productive when they return. Time away from the office has proven effective in reducing burnout.

4-Day Work Week

Some companies embrace the idea of a 4-day work week in the summer. For some, this looks like working longer hours during the rest of the week and giving Fridays off. Others will shift the days off to ensure they have office coverage.

How can you Improve Work/Life Balance for your Team?

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