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Work/life balance has been a topic of discussion for employees and employers for many years. Through the pandemic, things shifted as more people began working from home. Many indicated that work/life balance had improved during that time. With many employers expecting a return to the office, a shift in work/life balance satisfaction is likely to occur. So what work/life balance trends most appeal to candidates? Here is how to take advantage of employee expectations to hire top talent.

What Are the Best Work/Life Trends This Year?

Establishing Boundaries

Where work/life balance often breaks down is the expectation that an employee needs to be available 24/7. Usually, this is demonstrated by management who will work long hours. But it’s much more essential to lead by example and establish boundaries. Create an environment where it’s not expected that your employee answers an email when they’re home in the evening. Reinforce the use of PTO and vacation time so employees don’t feel like they’ll be missing out on anything by taking their time off.

Results-Oriented Workplace

One trend that is helping enhance work/life balance for employees is to manage by deliverables rather than hours worked. The idea is that your employees have been hired as experts, so management should trust that they can handle the work at their own pace. Don’t focus on when they clock in or out. Instead, measure their success by the quality of their work and adherence to deadlines.

Goal Setting

Working with your team to set personal and professional goals can also help balance work and life. Knowing what should be achieved and when that should be accomplished can provide a framework for their career’s next stages. Don’t just make goals about the organization. They can be life-long learning goals enhancing your employee’s overall experience.

Increased Flexibility

The most significant talking point for companies today is increased flexibility. With many companies transitioning to work-from-home arrangements in 2020, some return to the office while others remain remote. Other companies are offering a hybrid approach or increased flexibility on start and end times in the workplace. It will be a critical factor in retention moving forward.

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