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Social media is no longer a fad. Individuals and organizations use the top social media platforms to control their brands, increase recognition, and maintain their reputations. Many social media platforms are public and easily accessible, but does that mean you should check candidates’ social media accounts before making a hiring decision? That question is nuanced. Here are the things you should consider.

Should You Check Candidate’s Social Media?

Social Media Screening

Many companies will review applicants’ public social media accounts near the final stages of the hiring process to ensure that they share similar values and have solid online reputations. You can quickly identify red flags by screening candidates to make offers to those who match your company culture.

The Legal and Ethical Questions

However, there are some questions about the legal nature of social media monitoring. Is it ethical to use their private information to make decisions about their employment? However, many experts agree that social media review is no more invasive than performing a required background check before making an offer.

Best Practices for Social Media Screening

To do this ethically, get permission from the candidate to review their social media profiles online, only evaluate professional information, and ensure the person you uncover online is your candidate. Don’t use unethical methods of discovering information, such as hacking or requiring candidates to provide their passwords. Don’t use information about ethnicity, race, gender, age, or religion to make decisions.

Be Fair and Consistent

Like background checks, the only responsible way to screen social media is by creating a fair and consistent policy. You can’t only background check specific demographics of people applying for a job, and you shouldn’t review the social media of only some of your applicants. Have an official policy for social media screening.

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