Strategies For Finding Top Talent to Grow Your Agency

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The Great Resignation is shifting the job market. As employees of all levels in all industries are considering a career change, finding top talent can feel like an uphill battle. But exceptional candidates are still out there, and now is the time to create strategies to find hidden gems and grow your agency. Here is what to look for in good talent and how to find them.

What Strategies Could You Use to Find Top Talent?


One of the best ways to increase recruitment for your staffing agency is to ask your current roster of employees for referrals. You can tie the referrals to a bonus based on the new employee’s first assignment. Referral programs work because everyone has buy-in, and they want to make the process succeed, so it’s a win/win for everyone.

Online Job Sites

It sounds basic, but old-fashioned job sites are still a significant draw for finding talent. They replaced newspaper ads around the turn of the millennia, and why job boards have evolved as well, they are still quite active. Today’s most popular include Ziprecruiter and Indeed, though there are also specialized boards for various industries.

Social Networks

A great addition to the recruitment process is social media. Companies can put jobs directly on social media platforms, like Facebook or Twitter. Or they can engage with an audience to build a following that can become a source of passive candidates. Make sure you have a presence on LinkedIn and its entire platform, which is designed for professional networking.

Networking Events

While the pandemic made this problematic, we are just starting to get back out there in terms of in-person events. Network in your local community, specific industry events, and even job fairs. Face-to-face networking will always be a great way to find new talent for your agency.

Employer Brand

Lastly, if you have a good employer brand, you can attract top talent right to your door. Create a seamless process that gets people excited about working with you. Showcase the satisfaction of current employees on assignment at any given time. Improve applications and onboarding, so you have positive word of mouth in the community.

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