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What is a vendor-on-premise? The idea is that a representative from your staffing partner will work on-site with your organization to manage the contingent workforce. They become a part of your team and can work with you on workforce management, onboarding, and recruiting while on-site. What are the benefits of working with a VOP? Here are just a few things to consider.

Benefits of Having a Vendor-On-Premise

Cost Control

By centralizing your contingent employment under one umbrella, you can cut sourcing, hiring, onboarding, and supervision costs. Your VOP will act as the liaison between your company and contingent workers and become your single contact point. They will also handle all administrative and payroll processes.

Retained Staffing Levels

Your VOP will also be able to work with your production needs to ensure that you have the right contingent workforce in place. No matter how your workload shifts, your on-premises recruiting partner can gauge current and upcoming needs and manage the staffing levels to have the proper productivity levels.

Scaled Workforce

At the same time, your VOP can manage the increase of your workforce whenever needed. They will also be reviewing real-time data to determine if changes need to be made to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of your team. And if things slow down, those temporary employees can be referred back to the agency to find other opportunities.

Shorter Time to Fill

Your VOP will also create a candidate pool to reduce the hiring time for open positions. If a role is left vacant, your recruiter will already have processes in place to fill that role quickly, so your company doesn’t spend a lot of time on replacements. This shorter time to fill and the onboarding process can help your stay at peak performance in the marketplace.

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