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The hiring experience doesn’t stop with the offer. Your clients expect you to ensure that their contingent workforce is onboarded effectively. This is the best way to ensure that your new team member feels supported and prepared during this transition. And a good onboarding program increases the efficiency of their training and encourages better retention, especially with anyone who may be considered for a temp-to-hire position. Here are a few ways to improve your onboarding process to make your clients happy.

Effective Onboarding Leads to Better Retention

Focus on First Impressions

We cannot tell you the number of times we’ve seen companies unprepared for an employee’s first day. While you want your new employee to make an excellent first impression, you must also make a good impression on them. Prepare for the first day by preparing the workspace and planning introductions and the first day’s required tasks.

Establish Objectives

Structured onboarding programs improve retention rates. When you establish objectives for an employee’s first day, week, month, and 90 days, you give them the tools they need for success. What do you want to accomplish in this time frame? How will you evaluate their progress? How will you communicate and provide feedback?

Develop Your Process

You can facilitate a good onboarding experience by developing a streamlined process with which every new employee must engage. For example, giving your new hire access to your employee portal before their start date will help get them started faster. They can provide their new hire paperwork and have access to important documents like your employee handbook before their first day.

Create Milestones

Throughout the experience, you need to have milestones to evaluate their progress. Determine what’s most important for the onboarding experience and communicate your expectations with the new employee. When they reach their milestones, provide sufficient praise and give them the tools they need to move forward.

Work with a Managed Service Provider

To facilitate this experience with the contingent workforce you manage, working with a managed service provider can be helpful. Anserteam can create custom solutions that will improve your performance and retention. It will increase your visibility and control with your client companies and new employees.

Set New Employees Up for Success

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