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Staffing providers understand that the more information they can get from their client companies, the better they can manage the performance of their temporary staff. The same is true internally. Providing regular and constructive feedback to your recruiters can improve their job placements and drive success. Here is how feedback can positively affect communication and help your business build a high-performing workforce.

Good Feedback is the Key to Success


The top thing to know about providing feedback to your recruiters is ensuring it’s timely. If you wait to provide feedback until a performance review or some other milestone, it may be too late to correct any critical problems. Always address these issues as soon as they arise.


The power dynamic can’t negatively affect your team’s feedback and performance. It can be intimidating even for adults to receive criticism from someone in a higher-ranking position, so you must frame the feedback as collaborative and show how you will assist and encourage improvement.


Group discipline or singling someone out in a group setting has never had a positive result. When you have feedback for your recruiter, talk to them in private. If you frame it as a more significant problem, the individuals who did not cause it become resentful at being lumped into the criticism. The people for whom the message is intended may not benefit from the feedback.


Always be sure that your feedback has a constructive element. Don’t just point out mistakes, but provide ideas for how to improve or ways they can adjust to make things have a more favorable outcome.

Specific and Detailed

When providing feedback, ensure that you are specific and detailed about the problem and the potential solutions. Vague information doesn’t help someone improve, so you can’t soften the message or beat around the bush, hoping someone will pick up on your hints. Be clear when communicating.

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