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It can be hard to pinpoint the top hiring trends of 2023. We just faced several years of economic and social uncertainty, which often leaves us unsure where to go. But even with those concerns, there are some things you should keep your eye out for in recruitment. Here are the trends we might see in 2023.

Hiring Trends To Watch For in 2023

Proactive Recruitment

Despite a potential economic downturn looming over 2023, companies are still seeing the effects of The Great Resignation. That means there are still more open jobs than there are candidates to fill them. Proactive recruiting will be the best way to address staffing shortages moving forward by creating robust talent pools or sourcing passive candidates.

Competitive Compensation

While employees want more than just money to make a job worthwhile, a competitive salary is the first step. With many conversations about what makes a living wage, your organization must consider all aspects when determining the salary ranges for your open positions.

Salary Transparency

More organizations are leaning toward salary transparency and competitive salaries and benefits packages. Some states have passed laws requiring companies to be transparent about salaries, but many places are following suit. Some prospective candidates are no longer considering jobs without knowing the salary ahead of applying.

Social Recruiting

Social media is still a driving force for recruitment. Creating an excellent social media presence can drive candidates to you. Your online profiles reflect your company reputation and build recognition that help others know more about you as an employer.

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging

DEI has been a big topic of conversation for the last few years. Many organizations take it one step further by adding belonging to the equation. Make sure your company is hiring diverse employees, providing them equitable access to resources, including them in decision-making, and being an environment where everyone feels like they belong and are welcomed.

Upskilling and Reskilling

It’s always easier to promote an employee than hire someone new. Companies are embracing the idea of upskilling and reskilling to use their current talent pool to move into higher-priority positions within the organization. You can keep your current team engaged by focusing on career development and training.

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