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You can’t turn a corner today without being bombarded with artificial intelligence. The concept is everywhere, from the Internet of Things to chatbots. As technology continues to grow and evolve, work applications also expand. But what does the increased implementation of automation and AI mean for the future of work? Here are some things to keep in mind.

The Impacts of Automation and AI for Workplaces

Medical AI

As AI expands past the world of technology, other industries are considering its application. Healthcare is a place where there is a lot of data and relatively few experts to interpret it. By asking AI to develop models that can kickstart the research process, there can be faster innovation in medicine. There is even an indication that AI can be more accurate in the diagnostic process.

The Automotive Industry

Car manufacturers have been looking for ways to innovate the experience of building and driving cars. The advent of autonomous vehicles is changing car drivers and improving the experience for long-haul truckers. But AI isn’t limited to the technology of the car itself. Its use will also impact the design and assembly of cars and trucks.


Internet and data security is a high priority for companies. And with the advanced technology of those hacking systems, it’s equally important to think a few steps ahead, which is why AI can benefit the cybersecurity industry. Artificial intelligence can review data much faster than human workers, which will be critical for security online and in the financial sector.


We are already seeing the use of AI in online shopping and customer service. As more websites enable chatbots to help with frequently asked customer questions, the AI experience in eCommerce is expanding. AI will also be useful for marketing as traditional search engine optimization gives way to more AI-driven content. This can be more time and attention paid to other work aspects for businesses.


The hiring and employment sector is also prime for AI-driven technology. Many companies already use applicant tracking systems that utilize AI to review resumes for keywords to make sourcing easier. While AI has its faults, using it ethically can help organizations hire more efficiently and with an increased eye toward diversity, equity, and inclusion.

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